Friary Park Preservation Group


Catalyst  Housing Group publicly announced their intention to demolish over 230 family homes to build 680 luxury flats for private sale to foreign investors in October 2014.

Initially Tom Titherington, CHL Executive Director of Property and Growth, fraudulently claimed research using a questionnaire condemned by the Market Research Society showed their tenants had asked for their in their to be demolished in an attempt to obtain planning permission. Tom Titherington is responsible for the Friary Park Environmental Statement related to screening opinion Ref: 166644SCE for the Planning Application P20146342 to the London Borough of Ealing with the help of Central Acton Neighbourhood Forum members. Nether Tim Porter, Senior Development Manger or Dermot Whelan, the latest Regeneration Manger will provide Friary Park residents with details.

After 3 years of abject failure CHG has employed new staff. Rachael Dennis is now the Chief Operating Officer and David Riley is the Director of Experience. Catalyst Housing Residents Facebook page shows they have started another round of possession cases trying to get more social housing they can sell with the support of the Homes & Communities Agency.

They still have not applied for planning permission but insist they will soon destroy people's homes.

British Law

Catalyst Housing Limited continues to flaunt the 29 October 2014 Supreme Court ruling on Consultation by Lord Wilson, Lady Hale and Lord Clarke. CHG’s published interpretation of the Housing and Planning Act shows they deliberately ignored the DCLG Planning Practice Guidance published on 28 July 2017 that states the statutory duty to involve every individual who is affected by a planning application.

Dates for LBE planning committee meetings and agendas:-