Friary Park Preservation Group


2018 FPPG Aims

Since November 2014 the Friary Park Preservation Group has opposed the Catalyst Housing Group plan to demolish 230 family homes at the Acton Mainline Elizabeth Line station near the Gipsy Corner junction on the A4 . This plan has been funded by the taxpayers as Cllr Yvonne Johnston had the London Borough of Ealing raise £30,000,000 on the security of a promise to build 680 flats private flats for sale to the benefit of her friends and long time business partners like Roderick Nicholas Cahill.


Catalyst Housing Group announced its threat to destroy a coherent community, taking no account of the financial problems to elderly and disabled residents moving would entail nor the increased demand on health and education services in Acton raising the population from 340 to over 2,000 without consulting social housing tenants or local residents.

Catalyst Housing Group currently has Zain Iqbal harassing elderly and disabled people in order to avoid their legal obligation to re-house social housing tenants with short term Assured Tenancies and save having to financially compensate those with Secure Tenancies from the London Borough of Ealing, Possession cases at Brentford County Court are for amounts less that Catalyst Housing is due in Housing Benefit. Catalyst Housing Group is only represented by their Neighbourhood Mangers like Vanessa Campbell who have no legal training but request £250 for legal expenses for each case.

The £30 million loan Labour Party leader Yvonne Johnston arranged in 2014 is now being investigated under the 2017 Local Audit (Public Access to Documents) Act. This law gives everyone in England the right to inspect local authority accounts and makes it a criminal offence for councils to withhold information.